VIUD....The world's toughest USB drive?
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Refunds / Returns

Full refunds are available if your product does not meet your expectations (see the support section below for details). Refunds are also available if an item is back-ordered and you don't wish to wait for it.


1 Year Unlimited Warranty

All VIUDs come with a 1 year unlimited warranty. If your VIUD breaks for whatever reason during the first year we will repair or replace it for free!


Lifetime Limited Warranty

After 1 year all VIUDs are covered with a limited warranty. If your VIUD breaks from a manufacturing or assembly defect we will repair or replace it for free! Note that this does not cover damage from accidents or regular wear.



If you're having any issues with your VIUD simply Contact Us with the details (name, VIUD serial number, and specific issue) and we'll get back to you on how to return it to us for repair/replacement/refund as applicable.

Replacement o-rings and clips are available to VIUD owners free of charge at any time. Just let us know what you need and where to send it to.